Replacing dresscode comes Tastecode: a focus on an unwritten standard of being, the blueprint of style through easy, loosened looks reflected through culinary, interior, and fashion design. Whatever form it embodies, Tastecode represents a mutual passion for the visual through diverse brands AND CITIES.

It might be hidden in a corner of a city. Perched on a stool at the local boutique café, basking in morning light, watching the city awaken before your eyes. The perfect cup of artisan coffee and a slice of cake. Mingling with locals, taking in the vibe. Falling in love with the decor, detailed with handmade treasures. A multi-sensory experience that engages you with your surroundings. In these rituals we find the path to tasting and coding a city, and becoming acquainted with the local rhythm and aesthetic.

Each place we introduce to you has a unique atmosphere that embodies refined taste. To illustrate the world they offer, you will find a visual portrayal of the elements that make them standouts, exemplary representatives of how to live outside the bounds of humdrum routine, to redefine style according to a new code. It could be in the magnificent architecture down a certain side of town, a cafe loved by all, or a label known by few.

Tastecode acknowledges the interconnectedness and synchronicity that joins where you are with what you feel. It lies in ambience, in that unwritten blueprint of style, a mindset created by those with a vision that seeks to uproot the existing barriers of trends.

If you feel that this ethos resonates with you, and would be interested in working with me, feel free to enquire into possible cooperations.